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Beauty is Eternalle®


Finding the perfect diamond means finding the perfect expression of you as a couple. With unique facets, sparkle, brilliance, and shine—the perfect diamond reflects a love that is yours alone. In that spirit, we invite you to explore our breathtaking Eternalle® lab-created diamonds, created to be as unique as your love. Every Eternalle® lab-grown diamond is identical to mined and hand-selected for visual beauty, sparkle, and brilliance. Eternalle® delivers more carat weight, color, and clarity than you thought possible, putting dazzling, brilliant, and shimmering lab-grown diamonds within reach. Explore our Eternalle® loose lab-grown diamonds and proposal-ready ring collection for a greater realm of diamond possibilities and the truest expression of a love all your own.

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Lab Grown Diamond

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds go by several different names, including lab-created, man-made, and even synthetic. And while a few of them may leave you with the impression that lab-grown diamonds aren't diamonds—that couldn't be further from the truth.

Lab-grown diamonds have essentially the same chemical, optical and physical properties, and crystal structure as diamonds mined from the Earth. As the name implies, however, they are meticulously replicated in highly controlled lab environments, and grown as they are in nature, through an advanced technological process, over a period of months, rather than centuries.

While mined and lab-grown diamonds have identical carbon atoms arranged in the same diamond crystal structure, the origins of both diamonds sets them apart. Since they comprise the same material as mined diamonds, they have the same visual and chemical properties—and, therefore, the same fire, light, sparkle, and shine. We've been working with premier growers around the world to created dazzling lab-grown diamonds for nearly a decade. That is why we're able to deliver independently certified, hand-selected, breathtakingly beautiful lab-grown diamonds directly to you—guaranteed for a lifetime of sparkle and joy.

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Eternal Diamond


An Eternalle® lab-grown diamond is not just any lab-grown diamond—it’s an Engagement Diamond, selected for maximum beauty, sparkle, and shine. Our senior Diamond Buyer hand-selects only the finest mined and laboratory-grown diamonds in every trending and traditional shape and size. Only 1- in-10 pass our visual beauty, structural integrity, and high-quality standards to provide you with the most beautiful diamonds on Earth—lab grown or otherwise.

Guaranteed to sparkle, shine, and be enjoyed for a lifetime by our 110% Diamond Guarantee and protected against chipping, cracking or loss by our industry-leading warranty. What's more, every Robbins Brothers Engagement Diamond, can be traded-up for 110% of its value toward your next diamond—be it mined or lab-grown.

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How are lab-grown diamonds grown? 

Diamonds came to existence billions of years ago with carbon atoms, miles beneath the surface of the Earth, exposed to extreme heat and pressure. The raw diamonds that formed, as a result, rose to the Earth’s surface through a series of deep volcanic explosions and were revealed through the process of mining. And while it would be a challenge to replicate this activity at scale, lab-grown diamonds are created through two very similar methods.

The first is High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT), which recreates the high temperatures and pressures needed to grow diamonds in nature. No matter the choice, each lab-grown diamond starts as a small diamond seed placed into carbon and exposed to around 1500°C and then pressurized to approximately 1.5 million pounds per square inch. The extreme heat melts the carbon and begins to form a diamond around the seed. As it is meticulously cooled, it yields a pure carbon lab-grown diamond.

The second process is Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), which starts with a thin slice of diamond seed. The piece is placed in an airtight chamber, heated to around 800°C, and filled with carbon rich-gasses that are then ionized into plasma using technology resembling microwaves or lasers. This ionization breaks the molecular bonds in the gases causing pure carbon to adhere to the diamond seed and create crystallization. Over time, this forms a pure carbon lab-grown diamond.

Either way, the result is an authentic and beautiful lab-grown diamond that contains the same optics and composition as a mined diamond.


How are lab-grown diamonds graded?

Identical in structure and optics, lab-created diamonds look the same as mined diamonds to the untrained eye. This is a good thing from a wow-factor point of view and exactly what we want out of our lab-grown diamond. However, for grading purposes, a gemological laboratory uses years of mastery and specialized instruments to detect minor differences in trace elements and crystal growth to determine whether a diamond is lab-grown or mined. Many diamond grading laboratories that grade mined diamonds, including GIA, also grade lab-grown diamonds and they use the same rigorous 4Cs grading system that a mined diamond goes through.

When a lab receives a stone for grading, they test it to determine its identity and detect potential treatments. Analysis methods include observing fluorescence, inclusions, phosphorescence, and mined or lab-grown identification. Like mined, most labs grade using cut, clarity, color, and carat assessments. The most popular diamond certification labs are the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI), and Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL) – each with a diamond grading process that’s roughly the same.

Most labs grade independently using more than one diamond grader and then compile and analyze their reports to determine the final grade. This process delivers an unbiased quality rating for each diamond. This is done so that you can be confident in your purchase—providing you with the certifications and quality you need to make informed decisions and find the lab-grown or mined diamond of her or his dreams.


Our History with Lab-Grown Diamonds

While lab-grown diamonds may seem new, Robbins Brothers has been working for nearly a decade to help perfect lab-grown Engagement Diamonds. With our original E3 Lab-Grown Diamond we painstakingly researched techniques and qualities until identifying the absolute best labs and methodologies for beautiful, breathtaking, and brilliant lab-grown diamonds crafted for center stones and maximum effect. As a pioneer in lab-grown diamonds, and one of the first jewelers to make them widely available in our retail showrooms, our expertise and proven guest satisfaction are truly unparalleled. E3 Lab-Grown Diamonds are now Eternalle® Lab-Grown Diamonds, and we’ve put all of our knowledge and experience toward create the highest quality, most beautiful diamonds one can find.


Our Exclusive Eternalle® Lab-Grown Diamond Quality

An Eternalle® lab-grown diamond is not just any lab-grown diamond—it’s an Engagement Diamond, crafted for maximum sparkle, beauty, and shine. Our senior Diamond Buyer hand-selects only the finest diamonds in every trending and traditional shape and size. Only 1- in-10 pass our visual beauty and structural integrity standards to provide you with the most beautiful diamonds on Earth—lab grown or otherwise. Before we introduced our lab diamonds, we searched globally to find lab-grown diamonds to match our quality standards. Lab-grown diamonds, just like mined diamonds, may have imperfections (such as inclusions or blemishes) however, having absolute quality control and first pick of the best quality polished diamonds means we allow only the highest quality diamonds to make it to your ring. Each lab-grown gemstone is expertly cut with precision and skill by Master Cutters. And, we go the extra step to have every Eternalle® diamond graded by a 3rd party gemological lab and laser inscribed for your protection. This confirms that every Eternalle® create diamond is structurally sound and brilliantly beautiful.

Eternalle Diamond

So much more than conflict free!

Controlling every Eternalle® lab-created diamond's growth process means that you can be 100% assured that their origins are always conflict-free. Although traditional diamond mines have gone to great lengths to offset their environmental impact, lab-grown diamonds inherently deliver significantly less impact than mined. As the owner of a lab-grown diamond, you can take pride in knowing your diamond is as affordable as it is ethically and ecologically responsible—making it an exciting alternative to mined diamonds, without any compromise.